Our Awards

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The main focus for Olie is to make beautiful yet practical baby clothing that can be worn without worrying about the clothing getting damaged. Olie is a brand created by a mother and at Olie we know how important it is for parents to be able to buy practical yet beautiful clothing that children actually like to wear!
Olie started out with baby hat, The Minkey a patented one in all winter garment for all babies and toddlers, it is one garment that combines gloves, scarf, and hat all in one!
Are you tired of constantly losing your child’s gloves or constantly struggling to get your child to keep his or her gloves on in the winter? Are you tired of only finding one glove instead of both when need them? Are you tired of constantly buying new pars of gloves or hats in the winter?
This was a problem for the mom behind Olie who created a solution to the constant loss of gloves, hats and scarfs. Tired of the constant battle to get her daughter to keep her gloves on even though she didn’t want them on……The Minkey was the solution! 
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