About Olie

Olie was born in Sweden where the founder Christina Plejdrup was born and raised. Inspired by incidents that happened to her after she had her daughter Olivia gave birth to the creation of Olie and The Minkey, the most practical baby and toddler winter combination garment on the market today, combining hat, scarf and gloves all in one garment. Christina was so frustrated that there was no solution for the constant loss of hats and gloves during the winter so she decided to design her own clever solution to this very common problem that most parents struggle with during the winter months, and this how The Minkey was born!

Olie originally started in 2013 with The Minkey and have since then grown to also include a classic line of children’s clothing that is cute and practical. Olie is a brand that believes in cute clothing for children that is practical and that kids actually like to wear!

One of the most amazing aspects of Olie is that Christina’s daughter Olivia is involved in every aspect of of Olie designs such as colors, patterns and fabric. If Olivia likes the color, pattern, fabric and style it will be a part of the Olie collection!